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Eat.Blue Site Launch

Project details:

Client: Blue Nalu
Design House: LLC, AlexandraGo
Tools: WordPress, Gulp, SCSS, JS, GitHub, Elementor, SmartSlider3

Ground-up build of a wordpress site, site identity, and structure for content.

For the Eat.Blue site build, we had to consider a whole site and brand launch along with the site build. The branding and project was built with consideration for the parent company?s style and branding to extend the reach of Blue Nalu, and create a unique source of content that works with a parallel mission to Blue Nalu?s work to expand awareness and understanding of ocean and industrial fishing issues.

View the live project at

Eat.Blue Home page
Eat.Blue home Page


This site uses progressive changes to build unique layouts that are adapted to every window size, not just specific device standards.

User Driven Journeys

The Navigation is simple and opens quickly to content that expands beyond the Eat.Blue Site to expand user awareness on specific topics.

Screenshot 2020 04 27 18.25.10 -- Matthew Hall
Eat.Blue Site Launch 1
Screenshot 2020 04 27 18.26.09 -- Matthew Hall
Eat.Blue Site Launch 2
Screenshot 2020 04 27 18.27.02 -- Matthew Hall
Eat.Blue Site Launch 3

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