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web Build

Start a new project, update what you have, or get a project under control.



Set up your goals and information management to work for you, not just create work.



Create and build the web, print, and email pieces that are on-brand and on-time.



Keep what you have protected, manage content, and get expert advice on web software.



Custom creative strategy that understands your visual identity and uses it to build trust with your clients.


Fine art

Original artwork and creative resourcing available for purchase and commission. 

Siena Merchants Guild – framed print
This sketch is built out of some sources sketches in front of the Merchants Guild in Siena Italy. This work is mixed digital and sumi ink brushwork, and prints are in open edition. This work comes out of a larger body of works developed from my travels through Italy focussing on the ironwork and travelers […]
Ironwork (Coluseo)
This original sumi ink painting on Rives watercolor paper is the featured work in Matthew Hall’s exhibition Looking Up. The depicted street lamps are from Via dei Fori Imperiali walking away from the Colosseum. Looking Up as an exhibition focussed on the ironwork that I saw during a trip through Italy, with a focus on Tuscany […]


Matthew Hall is an artist, designer and developer specializing in message-based design for small businesses, non-profits, and public awareness campaigns. 

Some thoughts.

Choosing a web-host for wordpress

There are an infinite number of things to consider when choosing a web host, but let’s boil it down to the simple details: cost, speed,