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Artist Statement

I am interested in narrative. Specifically what is inferred when we have only a limited amount of information to discern what has transpired. Within my work, I choose small moments–which I have observed–and then combine them to create a narrative flow. More and more these groupings happen in a collection of small works. The gestural form in my drawings functions as a separation from the experience, used to reinterpret the experience both as I see it, and within my use of the image as a visual narrative element. This style of drawing that interprets the world as momentary in nature, creates an expression of  situation by taking only small highlights. These small pieces of a moment demonstrate the idiosyncratic pieces of moments, rather than describe the specifics of the visual experience. 

Documentation of the Exhibition: I crawled inside the book and made it my home.

Recently Added Works For Sale

enhanced matte paper framed poster in black 8x10 transparent 60270bf03a7da -- Matthew Hall

Orvieto Balcony

The Orvieto Balcony is drawn from a selection of balconies observed in Orvieto Italy, and stylized to match the memory of that day. The work is originally digital, and prints are in open edition.

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Major Exhibitions

Matthew Hall and Robert Yarber at the Pre-Sentimental Opening


Exhibition Statement This body of work that has developed through the experience of adopting a new city, building a home, and what continues to resonate

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20170228 IMG 2599 -- Matthew Hall

Fabricating Nostalgia

Exhibition Statement Fabricating Nostalgia is a body of work that has developed through the experience of adopting a new city, building a home, and what

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Documentation of artwork from Fragments


3rd Street Gallery Press Statement: 3rd Street Gallery presents Fragments, a solo-exhibition by Philadelphia based artist Matthew Hall. Using sumi ink and walnut ink on

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Homages – Past Influence

Homages: Past Influence Group, Juried Exhibition with guest juror Brooke Seidelmann October 2012Target Art GalleryTorpedo FactoryAlexandria, VA Matthew Hall – Recipient of the Juror’s Award

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